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Yes, it is true that you can make a request on the support email for the purchase of the Mag-Volt. The problem has been that the high powered clasping magnets are jumping out of the fingers as they near the connection and collide at high velocity. Magnets being hard and brittle by nature have been chipping. I have never had this occur to me personally as I take care to buffer the impact every time. We do include a silicone disc to help eliminate this problem but as the adhesive warms up to body temperature it has the tendency to shift off-center. We have a new design for which all the moulds have been made and parts are now waiting for assembly, however, I left the factory just before I had a chance put it into production. Now we have to wait for this when I get back to the factory after the virus thing gest sorted out. The new design will be more expensive so the original design is still available at $35 for the copper and $40 for the silver however it is offered for sale at the user’s discretion. If you do experience a problem we can make a discount on the future purchase of the Mag-Volt 2.0 when it is released.

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