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If it is of any assist….These are steps I used to carefully and progressively remove part of the extra length of the Corkscrew when it was newly arrived.

StealthMan and Bruce G likely have better descriptions and very wise suggestions for your fun and well-being.

Determining how many coils to cut, if any, was done in this manner with my first Corkscrew:
1.) If you are intact with a foreskin on your penis, fully retract your foreskin, if that is possible.

2.) Put on the Stealth InnerWear and at least one of the Retainer Bands around your penis and just behind the embedded silicone ring of the InnerWear sheath. The Retainer Band will keep the head of your penis from retracting inside the InnerWear and allow you to measure the right length of the Corkscrew before cutting off coils from the end of the Corkscrew nearest your penis’ base of the shaft that meets the pubic hair and pubic bone and touches the top of the scrotum underneath your penis shaft.

3.) Remove the Corkscrew from the bag and the plastic pipe used for storage and re-shaping of the Corkscrew. When it is new, both ends of the Corkscrew coils are tapered. The front-end of the Corkscrew will be the end that you do NOT cut, as its narrower tip will be useful as you squeeze the first three coils even narrower to fit snugly around your penis’ girth and replacing any Retainer Band — the squeezed Corkscrew coils will press entirely around the InnerWear’s silicone ring to anchor behind your penis head and holds the corona of the glans (the rim of the mushroom-like head).

4.) Hold the Corkscrew and slightly un-twist the coils evenly so the inner core opens wider but the coils remain together along its length. This makes a wider “pipe” of coils that will fit around your whole penis shaft clothed in the InnerWear.

5.) Slide the Corkscrew onto your penis and press it into and against the pubic bone and scrotum, so you can pull the head of your penis and the neck of the InnerWear beyond the length of the Corkscrew. (with the Corkscrew surrounding your penis shaft and pressed against your body, you will see if the Corkscrew is too many coils in length to allow you to pull your penis head and InnerWear ring beyond the tightly wound coils of the Corkscrew.)

6.) IF and only if … the Corkscrew (tightly coiled) is too long of a tube to allow you to pull your penis head and InnerWear through the end, then incrementally, you will cut away the back-end coil — removing 1.5 centimeters or 1/2 inch in each cut before testing the fit again.

7.) When enough of the back coil is removed, use the vinyl cap supplied with your Corkscrew to cover the freshly cut end. This will protect you.

8.) Then, get into the the entire assembly of InnerWear with the properly sized Corkscrew, and pull your penis through the amply wide Corkscrew. When the head and InnerWear silicone ring are exposed, squeeze or massage the final three coils of the Corkscrew to be narrower and narrower in girth so they securely anchor behind your penis head and silicone ring —- this is subtle as you do not want blood flow to be hindered, but do want snugness enough to prevent the Corkscrew from coming off until desired.

9.) Once the front end coils are adjusted snugly, you can extend the Corkscrew by making space between the coils of the back section closer to your body and scrotum. This is what GENTLY stretches the penis and also allows you to curve or bend the Corkscrew’s entire length so your trousers, shorts or swimwear do not look like a SpaceX rocket is about to be launched…. unless that is exactly the sort of theater you want to create.

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