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Hi TK..

When my corkscrew arrived, I bungled about and finally asked Bruce and Stealthman for advice. They really guided me well.

First, I put on the Stealth InnerWear. (Mine has the cockring and sheath as it just feels better for me than the sheath-only version — personal preference.) I use one or two of the wide rubbery Retainer Band that Stealth provides to keep the InnerWear sheath’s silicone ring in place behind the head or glans of my penis. The Retainer Band will eventually be removed as I slip the Corkscrew (with the width opened wider) onto the shaft of the penis and then the width of the most distant Corkscrew rings are adjusted tighter (narrower girth) around the penis shaft directly behind the head (glans) so the stretching of the Corkscrew will push gently in two directions: toward the body and toward the glans.

Second, I open the Corkscrew bag and am certain to keep the soft, vinyl cap that will protect the end of the Corkscrew after you cut off a coil or two of the Corkscrew so it is the best length.
A new Corkscrew is purposely made too long of my penis. So, I opened up the girth of the Corkscrew and slid it onto my penis and InnerWear and measured how many coils were extra before cutting the Corkscrew and using the soft, vinyl cap to cover the newly cut end and protect me from the rough end. I squeezed the Corkscrew coils to be narrowed behind the InnerWear’s silicone ring. Experiment with how snug is good for your circulation and for keeping the entire gear working.

The remainder of the Corkscrew coils are snug up the shaft to press against the pubic bone and the top of the scrotum (sack).
I make the last three coils of the distant end of the Corkscrew narrow enough to be snug around the penis for blood flow and secure behind the silicone ring of the InnerWear — so that the head of my penis does not retract and the stretching of the upper coils creates that gently stretch of the penis. I also bend the entire Corkscrew in a slight curve downward so the bulge is more subtle under my trousers, shorts, or kilt.

Because the Corkscrew is heavy (by design) I also fashioned a “waistband” that loops over the coil of the Corkscrew nearest to the pubic bone and around my waist (using a long shoe lace or boot lace) that can be secured by tying or a cord lock similar to those used by backpack makers. This “waistband” helps secure the Corkscrew in place during my active home-life doing chores, gardening, hiking etc. When I first used the Corkscrew and was walking to the postal box at 5 AM on a balmy morning, the Corkscrew was not quite snug enough behind my penis glans to stay put—- and raced with gravity down my pants leg toward the pavement. If the hour had been later and neighbors were about, I’d have some interesting stories circulated about me and the strange contraption that fell out of my pants or boot.

Hopefully these notes assist your enjoyment of the Corkscrew.


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