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You and your team have never disappointed me.
Since being introduced to your product line I have a penis growing three sizes in length and four sizes in girth (modest, but meaningful) with less retraction into the foreskin, shaft, and body (“turtling”). You and Bruce G and Anamika G each offered the kindest advice, encouragement and insights.

The Innerwear. Sleeves, Platinum Sleeves, Corkscrew, Sabre Skin and MagVolts have all been delightful experiences and sensations I would not have imagined or invented myself. Thank you!!! Though I mis-measured my penis at first, your careful and patient help got me to the correct fit and pleasures that come along with Stealth for Men.

Though totally new to the idea of Vac-Hanging, I will likely give it a try, simply because of the trust I have of you and your team, as well as the regard I hold for what our forum members have expressed with great wit and important intimacy.

This forum does inspire me with creative “wearing ideas” presented by you and our members. When you started the topic thread about funny things that happen to us when wearing Stealth for Men, I enjoyed the tales our fellows and their sweethearts described.

As I am aging toward retirement after a very fortunate life of athletic health and inner wellness, I suspect some changes will inevitably occur that alter my sensual and sexual experiences. Sharing in this with you all has been an interesting and positive process.

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