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Hey guys,

I had this slippage issue and it was indeed very frustrating. I checked and checked my measurements but I kept slipping through. In my case, I had the extension sheath/strapless Innerwear so I knew I couldn’t possibly be wearing it inside out by mistake. It was incredibly uncomfortable and I spent all day keeping my motions in mind so I wouldn’t accidentally dislodge the head from the silicone ring by, say, stepping up into the truck on my way out to lunch break.

It took probably 3 Innerwears before I considered a custom size unit. All I did was keep the size as described (B30 I think, I don’t remember) and then ask for a taper at the head to something smaller. Bruce was GREAT at working out the measurements with me and making sure it fit right. Sometimes they can work with you on the price too, like StealthMan mentioned above, in my experience they REALLY want it to work for you.

Now that I have an Innerwear that matches my body, I can’t even tell it’s there most of the time. It never slips, the ring stays where it’s supposed to and I don’t do anything special besides use the smaller band (that came with the custom unit) just behind the head. I can wear it from 7am to 9 or 10 at night with no issues 90% of the time

I almost gave up but now I am 5-6 innerwears in and I have already gone up in size (without any other home PE exercises), and think I’m going to be getting another one around the first of the year. Don’t give up hope!

– Jeff

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