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Christian Taylor

Everything Stealthman said is great. The Stealth Innerwear has really helped my size. I also purchased the Penis Professor program online and it has really well planned workouts to cover your penis from every angle. I have had great results.  Like over 2 inches in length and girth. I am going to start again to see how big is can get ? but my wife has made a rule that she can tell me to stop. As it is I can’t fit in every position. So go for it and see what happens.

But do bear in mind that what the porn and pe industries say about average is simply false. Average (for most ethnicities) is 4.5 to 5.5 inches. Not 6 to 7. So it is important to feel good about your trouser snake as it is. Too many guys suffer from body dismorphea in the area of penis size!


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