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Hello Akan1… welcome!

If you are experiencing slippage it usually indicates that a smaller girth is required. One thing to note, if your shaft is wider at the base and midshaft you would be better suited for a custom tapered sleeve.

Another possibility is a relatively smooth transition from the coronal ridge of the glans to the shaft in which case a straight sleeve with a tighter fitting silicone ring would offer a more secure fit.

With respect to the gap at the base of the shaft. This can happen more so with the ES strapless version of the Innerwear due to the ballsack taking up space along the bottom portion of the shaft. You can fit the sleeve the entire shaft length but when the penis hangs in the downward six o’clock position, the sleeve will push back along the underside of the shaft deep into the ballsack if you wish to have no gap near the pubic area as you describe.

The Stealth Regular with ball band takes up 2cm at the base of the shaft with the lower section of the ball band going behind the ballsack. This creates space for the ballsack to hang as it normally would.

Which is better? Well, there are tradeoffs so you need to experiment in order to find out what you prefer.

Personally, I like to wear both equally and find that when I change it up for the strapless or going back to the ball strap, it feels like a new sensation which I prefer for a while until I change it up again 🙂

Another option with the strapless is to get a size up for a longer sleeve and fold it double at the base to get the desired length. But again, this requires experimentation on your part to discover what works best for you.

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