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Dear Stealth Man and Team,
After many months of wearing Stealth inner wear, spandex sheaths, neoprene platinum sheaths, corkscrew, MagVolt and SabreSkin in daily variations, I am unreservedly grateful to you for the innovations and customer care.

Though my test-drives in various sizes required a bit of size changes, every experiment was fascinating and lesson in anatomy and engineering as well as uncovering new pleasures.

Of course the greatest praises go equally to Bruce, Stealth Man and Christian for guiding and knowing so very much more than I could guess. Others among our troop of wearers selflessly gave of their insight. Thank you, guys.

Just now arriving home after a 15-hour workday, I stripped away business attire and smiled at the sensations of the InnerWear + SabreSkin + MagVolt combination I assembled to wear many hours earlier.

Thank you for being a perky part of my day.


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