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Sorry, we do not have a video at this point.

The resize kit comes with a 12″ length of superior quality tubing that has the ends tapered for insertion thru the beads.

Once you have the tube threaded with beads, you can stretch the tube to move the beads around more easily.

You should orient the clasping magnets together with the large magnet at the bottom, by first clasping the smaller two together and then connecting both side by side with the larger magnet at the bottom.

The proper orientation will be obvious once you test.

Roll the O-rings down the tube and insert the tube over the nipple and after you have tested and are sure of the fit, remove the tube and apply a small amount of the glue to securely bond it with the nipple. Then roll the O-ring over the high point of the nipple and into place against the magnet.

Wipe any excess glue off the magnet and O-ring and let sit for one hour before use, full cure takes 24 hrs.

While using, do not pull directly on the tube to remove the Mag-Volt, instead, break the connection as you would snap a pencil in half. This will make it much easier to pull apart.

Make sure that you always dampen the clasping magnets when connecting them together, otherwise, you risk having them jump out of the fingers due to the high powered magnetic attraction, which can result in chipping.

There is a couple of thin silicone pad included with the kit, use one to adhere to one of the clasping magnets to help dampen the speed of contact. Do not use both pads, just one is enough.

A good method for connecting is to hold the clasping magnets in such a way that the fingers make contact with each other first, then you will be able to easily control the impact on contact.

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