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Hi Stephen,

Your mention of the acquaintance at the gymnasium pool brings an important consideration with respect to the risks involved with advancing too quickly using penis enlargement devices. As men, we often dispel caution to the wind, with an over-enthusiastic bravado that has no place when pumping or hanging weight from the penis. For this reason, we will have the beginners template and the forum community to help keep these tendencies in check.

There is definitely a learning curve involved when using the Vac-Hanger. It is typically recommended by experienced penis enlargement practitioners that the beginner first condition the penis with manual PE exercises for a few months before commencing, what is considered to be an “advanced” technique.

In my experience, this is simply not true, however, the beginner should err on the side of caution, for at least the first month or two of practice. During this time the focus remains primarily on learning proper technique while strictly adhering to the guideline of the beginner’s session template that will be included with the kit.

After gaining some experience, you can begin to actively explore the three session parameters of weight, duration, and frequency in order to optimize the routine intensity. The biggest factor here is consistency, which is needed to avoid interruption of building the intensity momentum. Otherwise, you will need to lower the weight and/or duration of the sessions before resuming the previous level of intensity, which of course hinders progress while adding another variable to be mindful of in your practice.

All in all, vacuum hanging is completely safe when approached with a cautious yet curious mindset. However, lapses in judgment can lead to minor setbacks and outright disrespect of the established methodology of vacuum hanging can lead to injury.

Therefore we must have an active community on this topic once the kit is made available. This will help curb over-enthusiastic tendencies with active support and offer encouragement when the pendulum of enthusiasm is on the wane.

I personally have found the process of hanging to be quite addicting so my commitment has been strong. However, having recently shifted back to Canada there has been a cessation of practice since a month or so in the process. However, this will be useful for gaining more experience on the parameters involved when resuming practice after taking a long break.







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