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Dear Stealth Man,
Thank you for your constant fielding of questions and calming our impatience.

Is there an educational or learning curve that is needed when considering use of the Vac Hanger?

Many years ago an acquaintance (he swam in the gymnasium pool where I exercised) was enduring the degeneration of his sensations and his erections from diabetes. He was prescribed a vacuum pump to  help him increase circulation. His pump was archaic in concept and outcomes. His impatience led to frequently excessively pumping his penis to a traumatized state. His penis shaft was exaggeratedly large and puffed up. His glans was swollen and looked as if the cells had leaked cell fluid beyond the cell walls.

Because your Stealth reputation is so exceptional, I am suspecting your Vac Hanger will cause no cellular damage, but will gently stimulate tissue growth. Your future videos will coach us each on the techniques best for us each.

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