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I recently started vac hanging and vac extending and the three biggest problems I have so far are:

a) keeping all the many components organized and discreet;

b) keeping the silicone sleeves whole with plenty of spares… gotten at a good price;

c) dealing with any glans tape, especially removing it and any residue – using a micropore tape currently.

Other than that I love it.  The stretch is so much better than anything I could ever achieve with manual exercises – and the best part is that I can do something else at the same time!

A guy on one of the forums I go to has a guide using a $1 pulley to articulate the weight -allowing you to sit.  The pulley can be attached to a door hinge, the back of a chair, under a desk, anywhere near where you will hang – allowing the weight to still be suspended without having to stand for the duration.

With manuals it takes your full attention and time.  With hanging like this, I can put on the vac hanger, set it up with weight, and then surf the net or read a book etc.

I love multitasking lol

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