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We are also looking forward to launching the Vac-Hanger.

The essential components are complete except for some corrections to be made on the thread alignment of the 16 vacuum chambers so that the screw cap top stops in the correct position. We also need to Emboss the logo and sizes on each of the chamber and vac-seal molds, which was delayed as a result of the testing process to confirm the optimum fit for the existing 12 girths.

We are now including a vacuum protection glans cap as well, so more injection molds are required to be made (expensive). So far, I prefer not to use them, but that could change, and they will offer more options for the users that do like to use them.

The vacuum pumps will be ready in the next couple of weeks with the Stealth branded gauges are already here. The custom made press mold samples for the silicone valves and vacuum line adapters to pump, and to the chamber has been tested for fit and hardness of the material and subsequently approved for production.

The order for the custom specification vacuum tubing has been placed. The deposit on the full range of clear packing tubes with caps for protecting the TPE vac-seals, glans caps, and acrylic vacuum chambers will happen in the next few days.

Once the packing tubes are here, and the molds are complete, mass production will begin on the main components.

The stainless steel carabiner and D-rings are already here along with the branded webbing for making the suspension belt. We still require a heavy duty industrial sewing machine for sewing on the D-rings. Its a relatively simple job to complete this component.

The Stealth branded digital scale is currently under production.

Then we still have the waterproof foam, cohesive, and transparent tapes to order yet. After testing several brands, we know which ones we want to use.

The content for the instruction booklet is complete except for the required vector drawings needed for illustration. There will also be a record keeping booklet with a beginner template.

The custom hard shell cases (three sizes) with a contoured foam interior to hold the comprehensive array of components is still on the backburner.

Application for CE and RHoS certifications will also be submitted.

We have just started the high-quality product motion graphic reel to showcase the complete Vac-Hanger kit, and this will be exclusively presented here once we get the patent application submitted.

As you can see, this is a serious project to put together and organize, especially considering the complex size configurations that we were required to sort out. However, once everything is complete, it will appear to be a relatively simple, albeit well-designed package.

In closing, this is not just another “me too” vacuum hanger, and the Stealth Vac-Hanger was almost a no go for this very reason. Fortunately, as the process of experimentation and study unfolded, numerous innovative functional and design elements emerged to make it an exciting and worthwhile project.

As you can imagine, the costs involved are significant, and this is now also contributing some drag on the completion date.


here is a sneak peek of the vacuum pump with gauge, vacuum line, and adapters.


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