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Sorry, I am not in a position to release pictures until after the patent application is submitted as any form of publication would compromise the “novelty” of the invention.

Stealth is built upon precision fitted devices and the Vac-Hanger will be no different. For each of the 12 girths, five small incrementally sized vacuum chambers,  glans caps and vac-seals will be included with the kit. This means that there will be a total of sixteen sizes available, each with its own series of accessories.

For example, I wear a 24 girth, so I have at my disposal the 20,22,24,26 and 28 sizes available for use at any time. I have been using all of these regularly, except the 28, which I probably should test but have not felt the need, at least not yet. This is ideal as it leaves room for future growth as well.

The size increments are 2mm from one size to the next so I am currently using a total of 8mm in size variation. This is required for erection levels or more specifically glans engorgement levels of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Your size selection actually depends on what your goal, level of interest/arousal or need for discretion is for a particular session. In all cases, the unique Stealth “vac-seal” and “glans-lock” system maintains a rock-solid (granite) bond between the glans and vacuum chamber.

Versatility also plays a huge role in the Stealth approach to PE devices. Practitioners are generally very creative and come up with all kinds of unique combinations to meet personal preferences. This is a key factor in order to provide the best user experience. There simply is no “right way” for everyone.

The kit will set absolutely set new standards for this type of device. Stealth will be priced lower than competing brands.

Only users that have purchased Stealth products can participate in the forums.

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