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Stealthman and fellow Stealthers,

I wanted to provide follow up now that I’ve received the custom fitted sheath yesterday. I ended up with a B30 base and mid that tapered to a B26 at the glans. While this sheath is just a bit more difficult to put on, the fit is a world of difference. I don’t have to think about my movements and body positions anymore!!! I’ve still got the conditioning period to go through, but the only slippage I had was when I went for a run that afternoon and it came off while running. I will try again and see if it continues, it could very well have been the way I was wearing it or could have slipped some and should’ve been reset before I started running.

It used to take the sheath, a premium sleeve, the Sabre skin, the Double length sleeve and then two retainer bands…with all of that piled into one another I was pretty much hard while being soft, at least it felt/looked that way. No way I could have pointed down or up in a simple pair of boxer briefs, to the side was the only way to wear my Stealth. Now, I can wear just about any boxers/briefs etc that I choose and so far haven’t had issues, and it’s just the Stealth and a double length sleeve (used for both slight compression and as a foreskin) and the B26 band around the base for engorgement. So much easier and feels so much better!!


If you are experiencing slippage or feel like you don’t quite have the right fit, a custom Stealth is definitely the way to go!!!

My one last question would be that I have some scrunching behind the glans and silicone ring, I assume it’s for some wiggle room for when seated or in any other position of potential retraction. Is this normal and if not, how can I combat this? I get the urge to pull on the sheath at the base and straighten it out so that it doesn’t have that slight scrunch behind the ring.

Thank you Stealthman and Stealth Customer service team for your professional and prompt handling of customer’s needs!!!



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