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Thanks Whaim and Stealth Man, I appreciate your input. I’ve been thinking about custom sized for a while now and think I may just have to bite the bullet. I just hate having too many products sitting around I can’t/am not going to use, ya know?

I like the fact that the different parts and pieces are so versatile in building a system that works for the individual, for me it seems I have to have MANY layers and pressure so that I don’t slip inside the silicone ring (sometimes I get the cold or slightly purple colored head that’s a little worrisome) but maybe a custom fit will fix that. I did the 1/2″ into the pubic fat/bone when I measured but maybe I ordered one that’s too long and that’s what is causing the slippage? Maybe a correctly sized unit would allow some freedom of movement while wearing. I’m constantly having to keep in mind my movements so I don’t retract into the sheath. I can’t really exercise or even run around casually with the slippage rate currently…I have to be mindful of how I enter/exit my truck or how I sit into my office chair or even that will cause slippage!

I’m hoping it doesn’t take many more Stealths before I find a perfect fit, because though it’s frustrating at times I love this product so far 🙂

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