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Hi Jhark,

Yes, we can customize a sheath so that you get the fit you require to maintain extension without the risk and discomfort of retraction.

As Whaim points out, we have a wide range of options for the tapered sleeve, whatever the case may be.

We only need the completely flaccid and fully stretched shaft measurements for circumference at the base, mid-shaft and behind the glans. Even better is to calculate the size based on what you wear now, knowing that each size up or down in girth is 1/4″ bigger or smaller.

The combination of components would depend on your circumstances. When brand new with a tighter fit you may like the innerwear alone and then as the fit breaks in layer one of the spandex sleeves. You can alternate these and then once both are fitting more relaxed layer both at the same time. Same goes for the Sabre Skin, where this in combination whatever way suits your purpose depending on the mood, clothing, social situation, and activity.

Using the double-length spandex sleeve to thread the sleeve onto the shaft is the best method to wear. You may not need to fold the Innerwear at all. There might be a tendency for the leading edge to roll under; however, this realigned when pulling the sleeve into position at the base of the shaft.

Stealth is designed to be trouble-free and if you are dealing with challenges we can sort this out with the custom fit innerwear.






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