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To fix this problem you can use two-part epoxy glue available at the local convenience store. Just a small dab on the end of the nipple which will also lubricate the tube so that it slides easily over the nipple high point. Once in position, roll the O-ring up into the groove up against the magnet.

After the glue has set-up you will not be able to pull the tube off even if you tried. We would do this for you at the factory but then it would not be possible to shorten the tube for a tighter fit if needed.

I just started to wear the Mag-Volt again since a couple of days and although I don’t feel any tingling as some report, I definitely do notice more frequent and much harder erections with a larger flaccid hang as well.

I got excited all over again because it re-confirmed for me how well the product works!

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