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Stealth Man

Hello Buck,

No lube. You need to cut the Sabre Skin to the same length as your Innerwear’s sheath section. Once you have the correct length you can fold 2-3 times starting at the base to create a 1 or 2 inch band or donut shape. You can then stretch this over the glans for placement on the shaft just behind the glans. Make sure you keep the tip of the logo exposed and use this for consistent placement on the shaft. Unfold the sections towards the base of the penis until the shaft is enveloped in the Sabre Skin sleeve. I have attached a picture of the 24 girth Sabre Skin folded into the donut shape and stretched over a wide mouth mason jar. I find the D24 extremely easy to put on and off to wear. What size are you working with?

mason jar


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