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That is a very impressive size progression!

I wear my Corkscrew in the privacy of my home. I used to go out more with it on but not so much nowadays. In any case, it never slips off unintentionally so you may want to experiment more with the set-up to see if you can make it more secure.

I went commando just the other day, in freshly washed jeans, ie. snug fitting, to be showing much more length than when I wear pouch style jockey underwear. There was also more tendency for sustained semi-erection due to the feel-good factor.

If I understand, correctly you say that your flaccid length now is more or less the same as when you are wearing the Innerwear?

I have heard feedback from others who report wearing the spandex sleeves as an underlayer to the Innerwear. I have never tried it myself as I am satisfied with the spandex sleeves layered on top of the sheath with the silicone ring seated directly behind the glans. However, the component system is designed to provide creative options so that you can find what sort of arrangement works best for you.

I like how you ordered the larger girth Sabre Skin with the intention to wear it on top of the Innerwear with multiple layers of the spandex sleeves.

We will be considering to make a new version on the ball stretchers in the future. There is room for improvement on the current designs available in the market.

Thanks for the in-depth feedback on your Stealth experience.

Very helpful!


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