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Dear Christian,

You are the Adonis among all us short guys! Of course we admire you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whether you got in those jelqing tugs or not, you tall, exercising guys have earned admiration… and not one moment of that admiration is “pervy.” 😉

Dear USMC 0313,
You sure are right…I like your comment about wanting to demonstrate a healthy endocrine system.

While I do not have the girth you enjoy, the length experienced from InnerWear and sleeves/Corkscrew/SabreSkin and MagVolt is a stabilized  1+ inch over the recent months.

In a locker room where the management of the gym/pool might not use the furnace to keep room temperatures up, there will be all sorts of Celsius/Fahrenheit reasons for retraction and tightening of our penises and scrotums– just to keep our sperm healthily warm.

For any of us swimmers the locker room shrinkage of penises is even more dramatic. Proper pool management needs to keep the water on the slightly chill side so swimmers stroke with less exhaustion and the pool disinfectants are conserved. After a vigorous swim in a pool where competitive swimmers train it might require a 20-minute HOT shower or some intentional jelqing to get our penises to relax.

Stealthman gave us a tip about using the Sabre Skin when swimming. That in addition to an after-swim hot shower may be the best relaxation.

Have fun, Gents!

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