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Stealth Man

The Stealth Vac-Hanger will be the most versatile design available anywhere. To give you an idea here are just a few of the many standard features in store.

The kit will come with five bell housings per size. So if you wear the 24 girth you will also get the 20, 22, and the 26, 28 sized bell housings with your kit.

The size increments are only 2mm apart for scaling a precision fit which may vary one session to the next depending on your preference. This same choice is available for all twelve sizes that Stealth offers 18 thru 40 plus 14-16 and 42-44 for a total of sixteen possible bell housings!

We have perfected the glans lock™ system for securing the glans within the bell housing. This technique eliminates separation of the glans from the bell housing under moderate and even heavy loads of up to 25 lbs.

This wide range of sizes with small increments allows the user to wear the smaller bell housings for discrete all day hanging with a completely flaccid penis securely locked in. Or the fully expanded glans with one of the large bell housings for the more intense hanging sessions of shorter duration where discreteness is not the primary concern.

There are two strap types available with each kit. One is the seatbelt type webbing for the hanging of heavier weights. The other uses a lighter elasticized strap for discrete all-day traction in literally any direction depending on the chosen location of attachment.

At this point, we are not ready to go into more detail on the functionality of the design other than to say it looks “next level” as well.


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