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Hi Stealth Man,

No worries, I found a supply store that had a similar silicone tube that was slightly smaller than the tube used where the beads are able to slip on and be adjusted easily while unclasped a (straight line), and actually hold their position when clasped (circle).

I’m going to need a bit of clarification on your comment: “Before attaching the clasping beads on to the tube make sure that the N and S poles are in the correct alignment with the bottom magnet.”

I’ve lined everything up as well as I could compared to when I received it in the mail. I’ve got the bottom magnet centered, the two metal beads to the sides, and the clasping magnetic beads up top. There were no markings on the on any of the beads to indicate an orientation or alignment. Would it be possible to get a little more detail, or an image explaining this.


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