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By God’s grace He woke me up…and now I present…

<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Shenanigans with the Stealth Innerwear & Corkscrew</span>

Welp…I thought I would take my Stealth innerwear & corkscrew out in the wild. I went to church with it on.

Oh boyee…

I put the corkscrew on too tight to where I had to adjust it to where I had to place my penis outside of my boxers to prevent the pain. I know you may be wondering…why didn’t you adjust it? I did many times at church and before I did that, I went to hug a lady in church and the corkscrew popped off!

I felt it and recovered it by holding it in my left hand then walking to the bathroom with my hand in my pocket with the other hand swinging like I was doing a pimp walk.

I tried adjusting and adjusting…finally the pain got too much so I tapped out and went to just the innerwear except even it was being finicky. Sigh.

I finally tapped out and took it off when we were at home for the evening.

I think I will either wear the corkscrew if I am at home or at a place where I don’t have to sit for a long time like church and just wear the innerwear.

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