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No problem Tekcon.

Send us a support email and we will send you a 12″ length of replacement tubing. The tube will be sliced 1.5″ down the middle for easy insertion thru the beads. Once the three full-size beads and O-rings are placed on the tube you can cut the tube to size. Make sure that it is a bit longer than you need and test otherwise you risk cutting off too much tube. Fit the tube over the nipples of the clasping magnets and roll the O-Rings into place.

A key point to note. Before attaching the clasping beads on to the tube make sure that the N and S poles are in the correct alignment with the bottom magnet.

If by chance the silicone tube is slipping off the nipple in use, you can use a small dab of 2 part A/B epoxy glue from the corner store to permanently bond the tube onto the nipple. You want to be sure you have the optimum fit before committing to the bond.

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