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Huh, I really wish I saw this thread before I went ahead and made my own modifications…

I don’t know how but I guess I really messed up on my measurement and had probably about 1.5″ to 2″ of silicone tube that basically had my mag-volt falling off. With no physical instructions to follow (and not thinking to contact support) rather than adjusting at the magnetic ends, I simply moved the bottom metal piece to one side, cut the silicone cord down the middle, and started making small incremental cuts until I had a balanced snug fit in both completely flaccid and erect.

The obvious downside to this method that the silicone tube will slightly pull out and constantly needs to be pushed back into the bottom metal piece.

Just need to find the width and order a new silicon cord and will cut it to the appropriate length and move all the important bits over to it.

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