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Amazing!  Thanks so much!


I wore it all day twice this week, I may need to order a larger size girth innerwear for when wearing the magvolt, my penis seems to want to hang much fuller.  I’m glad I ordered the E length, it fits so much better, I can’t believe I originally ordered a C.

I originally thought those 2 smaller magnets were a clasp but couldn’t figure out how to get them apart.  I tried pulling and “unscrewing” but to this day I have not figured out how to separate them.  That’s how I ended up discovering the silicone o rings you mention here are only for resizing.

I just tried again but still am not sure how to unclasp them.  Do I just need to be more forceful?   I’m just scared of breaking something lol


Also of note, we have a metal detector at work and on both days I wore it, I didn’t set it off, so that is exciting!  I still wouldn’t wear it through airport security tho haha

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