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By God’s grace, I woke up today…Thank you, Lord.

He woke me up at 5:30 am (30 minutes before my regular 6 am alarm)…I had pain and soreness from the Stealth wear so I got up in the frigid apartment and went to the bathroom first. I had to urinate and here is Lesson #1 that I learned with the Stealth innerwear…

Lesson #1: Do NOT pee standing up with the Stealth on

I sprayed my left PJ leg…I sprayed the toilet seat and the floor. After I cleaned up, I learned that from now on I will squat on the seat to pee. No need to mark my territory everywhere like an animal. LOL

After that debacle, I adjusted the inner wear and the pain went away. The issue was that the glans was being choked. I adjusted it and volvia…the pain disappeared.

I took off the inner wear at work (remember I work from home) and I used my Cara Moist Heating Pad (160 F) for 30 minutes. It was SO refreshing especially since I was sore.

After 30 minutes, I did JAI stretches (20 seconds all directions), bundled stretches (10-sec x 3 sets) then placed the inner wear back on along with the corkscrew. I will keep the corkscrew on for 8 hours then remove after work because if I go out tonight, I do not want to frighten people off!

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