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One thing worth mentioning, especially for new magvolt users, is that the tiny silicone O rings are small, important, and easily lost!

I didnt’ even notice it was there and needed to close it after opening it for my first wear.  Therefore when wearing it the first time, I hadn’t fastened it correctly and a few minutes into wear, the connection came apart and before I could make it to the bathroom, it shifted and suddenly the magnets clamped together hard, with my scrotum in between.  I can’t begin to tell you how unpleasant that was lol.

After reading here, I realized there was a small O ring I should look for, luckily it hadn’t fallen off, but totally could have since I wasn’t aware of its need/existence.   It is small and can take some work to get back onto the tubing, but it really hold the whole thing together well.

Figured I should share this snce mine didn’t come with instructions.

It would be awesome if that ‘part’ was integrated into the metal on the sides, maybe by spinning them it tightens down like a screw on that side of the nipple, and screwing the other way loosens it?  Not really sure if there is a more elegant design.

Either way, you certainly feel your junk electrified, and it is certainly a new experience and sensation lol.

TLDR: Be super careful to not lose the tiny O rings that keep the device closed.

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