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Stealth Man

Stealth was conceived and developed as an anti-retraction device to eliminate the uncomfortable sensations that seemed to come along with it. Naturally, with the penis secured in the extended state along with the additional girth, bulge enhancement was a new experience for a grower such as myself.

I too was fascinated with my new found confidence and the attention it garnered from both male and female observers which seems to be everywhere all the time for the first few years. It had an immense psychological impact on me which dissolved some major complexes I had developed trying to overcome my discomfort with retraction.

After almost a decade it is not something that draws much of my attention anymore, and this seemingly has diminished others attention and reactions in the same proportion as well.

No doubt it has been a curious process looking back to see all the changes that have happened and to think how different it would have been if I had access to such a device in my formative years.


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