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Hi Ian5009!

The forward protrusion of me wearing the Stealth InnerWear with the Corkscrew or without the Corkscrew is well managed by wearing a jockstrap or some thongs as the pouch can be centered in business suit pants or casuals.

Ian, do you carefully bend and stretch the Corkscrew when you are using it?

When I read the advice of StealthMan, I tried some modifications to the layers of the Stealth Innerwear and the Corkscrew angle. Here is how…
1. Morning shower
2. Put on the Stealth InnerWear [sometimes with a layer or two of the thin Lycra sheath(s) and sometimes with thicker Premium Sheath(s) and sometimes with a combination of sheaths and stretchbands he provides, and sometimes without any sheath or bands — if I am going to wear the Corkscrew]
3. Remove the Corkscrew from its shaping tube, slide the Corkscrew onto my penis …
4.  …and  carefully resize the two to three rings of the Corkscrew that are nearest the tip on my penis so they “snug”  firmly around and behind the silicone ring embedded in the end of the Innerwear sheath. [That means the Corkscrew rings are snugged around the distant end of my penis shaft and seated behind the glans (or head) of my penis — which is behind the silicone ring of the Innerwear.]
NOTE: Adjusting the snugness of the two to three rings of the Corkscrew may require several test drives to get the snugness just right instead of too loose or too tight
5. Once the Corkscrew is snug enough to hold the head of my penis and the Innerwear silicone ring, I stretch the Corkscrew backwards to seat against my pubic bone [atop my penis shaft] and against the skin where the scrotum and penis shaft meet on the underside.
6. Stretching the coils of the Corkscrew to the correct tension is a variable stretch that Christian taught me to go slow and not be too vigorous (I’m smiling and grateful about his wise counsel).
7. When stretching the Corkscrew away from my body, I then carefully bend the metal coils downward — which makes the Corkscrew a little bit less conspicuous under clothes.
8. I put on a McKillop’s T-Bar jock and get to work or play in the big wide world.

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