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Dear Ian5009,

The wearing of suit pants can be very revealing. You have me smiling as my progress is definitely slower than your growth, yet still, fun.

The choice of underwear and day-long adjustments are not new to us guys. Selecting boxer-briefs with a well-designed pouch helps align our penises with the zipper (or off to the side): McKillop, John Sievers, Clever, Unico Mundo, Xtremen and a few others.

As you likely have noticed of some guys with longer penises in trousers, they care little about concealment. Others are more subtle and usually resort to choices of underwear/jocks/thongs to manage extra length/girth in their pants.

Are you using the Innerwear and the sheaths? Do you use the Corkscrew?

If I’m wearing the Corkscrew it takes some stretching and then careful bending downward to make the device concealed within pants (suit pants or casual).

Have fun.

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