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Thanks for the feedback.

The instructions for shortening the Mag-Volt™ are posted a thread on the topic.

As you noted, the Thermo Plastic Elastomer Sabre Skin™ actually take the shape of the anatomy over the first week of use. For this reason, it is critical to keep the positioning the same each time you wear it.

We made molds and tested several configurations and hardness of medical grade silicone but found the performance did not compare with the much more expensive injection molded TPE.

Silicone is relatively flat and uninteresting in comparison to the dynamic elasticity of the TPE. To make the most of this quality all twelve girths are available for precise fittings and creative applications.

The Mag-Volt™ is a powerful device with measurable electricity of up to .9 volts. The magnets are very high power with a rating of 5000 gauss.

I did not feel a particular tingling sensation myself but noted over the first two days of use there were clear indications of some effects taking place. Most notable was the morning erections which were tremendously hard… of solid granite! Then was the flaccid size which was considerably fuller which also manifested as a tighter fit of the Mag-Volt. For this reason, it is suggested to take a day or two of wearing before deciding to cut the tubing shorter and to cut conservatively with more testing to make sure the fit is optimized with the size fluctuations that occur.

Over the next week or so the obvious sensations faded and now I can wear for days at a time without much in the way of feeling too different.

I still enjoy to wear and feel positive that the mild electrical current and magnetic field are having beneficial properties.

As Stephen pointed out there is plenty of information available online these for those interesting in doing some research.



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