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Dear JockInTheBox,

Your description of all-night wearing of the SaberSkin will be tested by me tonight. Thanks for the insight.

Tingling is not what magnetics does to me. The effect is very subtle and the engineering and biological information indicates is a long-term experience. The MagVolt magnets are much stronger than any I have seen from Nikken (the largest promoter). Perhaps the MagVolt will have cellular benefits not seen by even the Nikken folks. Here is an interesting review of magnetic.

The compiler of the above information is Gary Null, a sometimes trustworthy and sometimes eccentric searcher of alternatives to traditional medicines and invasive surgery.

As a person of science, I’d like to mention the remarkable benefits humans have from what is usually shamed as the “Placebo Effect.” Anyone in science knows there are experiences we simply cannot yet measure or pinpoint the actual causes of. There are also benefits or improvements people experience from actions that do not yet have a solid explanation.

Soooooo, until we can pinpoint exact causes for improvements by magnets and SaberSkin, let’s have some fun sensations and appreciate one another. These new developments by Stealth sure feel good.

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