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Stealth Man

Just to mention that there was no apparent damage to the Innerwear after the said washing. I have attached the pic sent in by Musik_fans below as reference…

Basically, it still looks in brand new condition. What can happen with a borderline fit is that after one week or so slippage may begin to occur. I think this coincided with the wash and the subsequent slippage after said wash gave the impression that the Innerwear was somehow negatively affected by the wash itself.

In any case, as this was already his resize discounted Innerwear we sent him a free replacement a size smaller in girth which will prevent the looser fit from occurring.

So yes, you can dry the Innerwear in the machine on high heat after hand washing in the sink with mild hand soap… no problem.

btw. you do not need to wash your Innerwear as frequently as your regular clothing due to the healthy function treatment which keeps the materials smelling fresher longer due to the anti-bacterial action.

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