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A guy PM’d me to go into more specifics with my routine. Sure, I don’t mind letting it all hang out, so I’m replying to him on the main thread. I’ve learned this routine from a variety of online and around-town resources. Since adding this routine, along with wearing Stealth inner-wear during the daylight hours, not only do I have tons more energy, focus, and patience, but also my dick seems to have gotten bigger. Cool!


Taoist edging is really a form of meditation so you need a private place where you can totally relax and not be disturbed. Hours of early morning and pre-dawn are working well for me.


With timing comes atmosphere, for me living in New England, cold can be an issue. To edge properly one needs to be either completely or mostly naked so one has access to all parts of one’s body. So, I close of my bathroom, turn of the space heater and let the shower run hot for a while. Instead of the main light I use a candle. Within a few moments to room is toasty and being naked is fine.


Use natural oils. I like olive oil because it has no smell and makes the skin sensuous and slick. Besides, the Spartans used to rub olive oil all over their naked bodies before their games and competitions. Natural oils seem to be best because they retain their slickness longest. And since a main aspect of these sessions is to retain a boner for a full 30 mins, so the lube needs to last. Eventually, even natural oils will get absorbed into the skin and need replenishing, which is another reason I prefer olive, it’s just a food so it’s harmless.

The routine itself:

Standing the whole time– 30 mins. In retrospect, when one jerks-off either sitting or laying down, one’s body is essentially motionless. In these positions, it’s really only a rapidly moving hand that is causing any stimulation. Being motionless is not a goal here. Rather, rhythm and muscle movement of the entire body should be incorporated. For example, keep your hand that you normally jack-off with motionless, but through pelvic tilting and thrusting achieve stimulation of your shaft and head.

Like any exercise routine, start off slow and build up. I find that these daily sessions give a really good workout to your lower core.


Sure, why not? Explore and see what you like. Everyone is slightly different. Experiment. The goal is to stay hard for 30 mins. If toys help, cool. Weird, but sometimes I like a little nipple-clamp on my right nipple (but not the left). That gentle pain can give me a boner in an instant, if my attention happens to drift off. Actually, keeping one’s focus for a full 30 mins is a lot “harder” (or not) than it sounds. So something that can snap you right back into the zone (a weak nipple clamp works for me) is quite useful

Another recent toy that I’ve been using is a loose cockring that encircles the entire genital mass. There are upsides and downsides to this. The upside is that even though it is fitted snug, not tight, there is a blood retention effect and boners become easier to maintain. Also, it’s physical presence restricts the balls for going up into the body into ejaculation position. The downside is that one needs to be sized correctly. The other downside it that it makes it more difficult to massage the testicles and perineum, which should not be neglected especially because a main outcome of long-term semen retention is that both the balls and perineum become much more sensitive and in need of massage.

30 mins that’s all:

Though you might want to do more, try to do 30 mins per session per day. Once it’s over wash up and start your day. Like I said before, I like to strap myself into some innerwear because I enjoy the stretch of maintaining the length you had while edging.

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