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>>Will the hydro pump be similar to the bathmate?<<

No not at all, the bathmate is a dated relic more suitable as a museum piece. The advanced Stealth design has been completed with the working prototype tested but there still needs to be a lot of refinement to integrate the parts into a seamless unit for production. The design refinement phase will require a solid year of dedicated work to sort out before it is ready for market.

The Vac Hanger has become a much more involved than originally anticipated. It was not possible to carry on with both projects at the same time so we shelved the pump until we can get the Vac Hanger finished… expected release late spring/early summer.

Meanwhile, we have completed the Stealth TPE Sabre Skin™ and expect the production samples to arrive for approval in the next few days. The bubble pack and foam insert are ready with card board back/instructions for us to start making the moulds to heat seal the pack. These are available on request (limited quantity) for those who want them before the official launch which will not happen for another couple of weeks at least.

We also have the Stealth MagVolt™. This device has three powerful magnets, two at the top for conveniently taking it on and off with the third larger equivalent at the bottom. These are plated with your choice of silver or copper (gold in one of the pics) which reacts with the zinc beads on either side to create a mild electrical current measurable up to .9 volts. The electro magnetic field stimulates metabolic function for accelerated healing and increased testosterone levels with zinc supplementation as well. I can personally vouch that wearing this device overnight produces tremendous “wood” in the morning i.e. truly rock solid erections. What you see in the pics are prototypes not the finished units for sale.

We always want to keep our prices lower than existing products in the market. However, we also use the highest quality materials and components possible… for example Stainless Steel rather than Nickel coated steel which could be substituted at half the price. The reality is we need to keep the prices in line with the quality we produce but we also guarantee that the value will always be much higher with us than competing brands.

Some pics…

bubble pack

foam insert


Sabre Skin™


MagVolt™ 2

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