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Stealth Man

Yes, that is an interesting post with many valid points to consider.

The manifestation of energy and the depletion that is experienced after ejaculation is fairly obvious… specially for the man who typically wants to just roll over and fall asleep afterwards.

I see it somewhat like a bottle of carbonated water that can activated or awakened thru agitation or in this case stimulation. If the bottle shaking practitioner (so to speak) is lacking in skill and the point of release not well modulated, the edge is passed beyond the point of return… then figuratively speaking the cap flies off and the fluid is released in an uncontrolled discharge of worldly pleasure.

However, in the case of the experience practitioner the edge of return is maintained for the energy to be consciously reabsorbed and then potentially re-manifest with even more vigour and vitality of the ever present life force which otherwise might remain dormant.

I find that when the release is not “spent” it gets internalized to manifest as heightened conscious awareness with acutely focused attention if need be… rather than experiencing the temporary pleasure of release and then falling back into the more unconscious states of being by default.

This internalization of energy which leads to a quiet/still presence is transcendental in nature and there at the perimeter of that non manifested space lurks the more primitive desires which aspire to perpetuate their existence in the lower more dense realms of reality.

This level at its worst manifests as a competitive, greedy, fearful, anxious and/or depressed being that is stuck in a gyroscopic 3d revolving door of confusion.

Sometimes I feel like that and an good orgasm is useful a means of escape… however momentary.


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