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You’re right Stealth Man. Even-though I approach this routine from a physiologic, exercise, and “feels good” angle, there is definitely the issue of energies.

From my understanding, sexual energy is one of the only forms of energy that we can create and build. But, that energy is “lost” if you ejaculate. Building of one’s sexual energy can be done either in tandem with one’s partner or alone.

As men, our anatomy is literally right out there, and ready at any time. We have the ability to build that energy up, reach a plateau, and ride a wave edging on nirvana. Doing it standing with pelvic involvement will bring benefits of any physical activity.

Doing it with a partner is “better,” but different. That takes both to be in the zone and both not seeking an ejaculatory ending. All that takes is a little (a lot actually) communication. This practice is usually called tantra.

Because of this energy-side, there are quite a few do’s and don’ts. For example,

1. Stay away from porn. That perverts things apparently in unrealistic ways. Doing it w/out porn also allows one to accept their own body. One tau meditation is to stand in front of a mirror naked and simply touch one’s lips, nipples, public hair, balls… During the first itteration, imagine someone else touching you in each of those places… During the second go round, imagine massaging and giving pleasure to someone else in those places. Not that you’re going to do such a thing (see next point) but both sides of this meditation makes one aware of their own sexual validity.
2. Stay away from outside sex. Building energy with a partner is awesome, but that’s because you connect with and intermingle with their energy. If you do that with a stranger/other you also pick up their energies, and that might not be to your benefit. Kind’a like a metaphysical STD. Then there’s the issue of one’s partner… bad.
3.Do use “power blocks” during the routine to stop oneself from ejaculating if one is super-super close. Best power-block is to go into a clenched mountain-pose concentrating on ones dick. “Clenching” ones dick in this pose causes it to expand even past what’s normally max hardness. Stay with all the muscles of the body clenched (focus centered at the penis) until the immediate need to ejaculate passes. Then continue the routine of building energy until 30mins is up.

Each of these notes involves harnessing energies mindfully

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