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Taoist edging means that you get as hard and aroused as possible, but don’t cum. That’s the key, not to ejaculate. There’s all sorts of centuries old belief about building up chi, or qi, or something like that. I know for me, initially it led to massive blue balls in the off hours. The only way to make the “pain” of the blue balls go away was to get another hard-on. And, since you never ejaculated in the first place, it’s all that much easier to get hard again. It’s kind of a positive feedback loop. All of which helps bring blood and nourish the dick so that it can grow. Jelqing is definitely part of a good Taoist edging session.

I guess the major components are:

1. Set a timer. 30mins is a good time. When the time rings, don’t finish yourself off

2. Use lots of natural oil

3. Do it standing. In front of a mirror is cool.

4. Incorporate pelvic tilts and thrusts to mimic actual fucking. These are all muscles and the stronger they are, the stronger you are. I use my right hand. But mimic fucking as much as possible. It’s a whole body exercise routine, if done right. Hump something for a hands free effect.

5. Massage your balls, nipples, and space between your balls and anus. All of that is supposed to both aid in circulation and movement of chi, qi, sperm-energy, but it also feels good. (Especially once your balls get swollen from not ejaculating for weeks at a time.)

These sessions don’t substitute sex. Far from it. Rather, they get you better ready to last and last when you actually do have sex with your partner. Seems to work for me. There is a rumor that Sting practiced Taoist and is reknowned to have had sex sesssions that lasted hours where he was hard throughout.

I find the inner-wear helps in those in-between when we’re either not completely alone or intimate with our partner. At least, that’s how it’s been working for me.

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