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The Corkscrew and the regimen of using it is very pleasant and interesting. Adjusting the snugness was a learned skill to prevent purpling from blood flow hindrance or the device falling from my body.

In a conversation with Christian, he wisely suggested I temper my regimen by reducing the vigorous activity when wearing the Corkscrew. I did. He was right 🙂

Since my new regimen includes wearing the Corkscrew for a couple hours a day on weekends and evenings, I needed a way enjoy the stretch and simultaneously to reduce the weightiness and the tendency for the Corkscrew to slip off my InnerWear-clad penis.

When “saddled into” the InnerWear and the Corkscrew, I looped a long bootlace over one of the Corkscrew rings closest to my pubic bone. The bootlace was looped with half the lace able to reach around my right side and the other half stretching around the left of my waist to meet in my mid-back. Upon one of the laces I had affixed a lace-lock or paracord lock to lock the laces in a snug  fit around my waist.

The Corkscrew was in perfect place and NOT TOO tightly pressed to cause blood obstruction — AND — held up slightly by the laces around my waist so gravity and the Corkscrew did not conspire to tumble to the ground.

Does any of that make sense?

You might like to Pre-loop the laces around the Corkscrew’s final curve and  pre-thread the laces into the lock and step-into the waist-sized circle of the laces and then affix the Corkscrew and snug in the laces.

Laces Lock

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