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Solo affair here too!  Although she has recently taken slightly more interest… been nearly a year of almost full time use and I have kept it hidden so far!  To me that shows the genious power of the Stealth.  If I can pee, change clothes, and crawl in bed naked while wearing the Stealth and still keep it a secret, the design is something special!  Often at night I’ll remove and tuck the stealth in my pillow case getting into bed, then slip it back on once she is going to sleep.

Once I was working at home and she surprised me by asking me to try on a bathing suit in the middle of the day!  I gudgenly obliged but left my underwear on to which she complained a bit. I blew it off and said it fits, I have to get back to work… Since she has no idea, that would have been an interesting conversation! Lol

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