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The evenings and weekends seem to be the very best time to practice stretching with the Corkscrew. I’d need all my suits tailored to be even moderately discreet with the Corkscrew.

Friday, my commute ends with carrying stuff from the car in 102F temperatures and rushing to strip away all semblance of clothes except my Stealth InnerWear. Having purchased a couple sets (once I actually discovered the correct measuring skill and size) I stripped, showered and re-dressed with InnerWear and the Stealth Corkscrew. Realizing the mailbox is likely brimful with correspondence, I slipped into AussieBum shorts and t-shirt to walk the 150 yards to the mailboxes of all my neighbors and me.

Halfway to the postal boxes, my Corkscrew slips off my penis head and fills the inner lining pouch of the AussieBum gym shorts. Realizing how ridiculous I look — as if carrying a regulation pair of baseballs for a scrotum.  I pivot, return home, re-set the Stealth Corkscrew and embark again….with the gentlest sway of fine sensations Stealth triggers in me.

Ohhhhh the htings we do for penis sensations!

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