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Hi UmbralDragon and IntactSkin,

You both have more experience than me, though I think I learned a technique I like so my foreskin is in the best place.

IntactSkin, your notes did not mention if retracting your foreskin is as easy as it is to rollback mine. Guessing you may have some ease with this (instead of intensely tight foreskin that seldom retracts fully) I’ll describe what I did.

After my morning warm shower, I open the InnerWear’s cock-ring and seat it surrounding the entire back of the scrotum and over the base of my penis’ shaft. The cock-ring feeling is pleasant and not needing the convenient snaps to add even more tightness. The printed name of “STEALTH” will be upside-down and directly adjacent to the pubic bone and skin above the base of the shaft of my penis.

Then I squiggle both my thumb and forefinger downward and through the  bluish-translucent ring of silicone to firmly grasp/pinch the head of my penis while pulling my penis through the InnerWear woven shaft at the same my free hand is pinching the edge/base of the InnerWear woven shaft to hold it in place as my penis slides through the woven fabric shaft. (Sometimes I bungle this move and need to start over.

This trick may be useful for IntactSkin…. When my exposed penis head (glans) is properly outside the InnerWear shaft, I lift my now-encased penis so I can see what amount of foreskin is still outside the silicone ring and bunched beneath my penis head. Then, I use my left thumb and first two fingers to grasp my penis head and foreskin covering the frenulum….while my right hand’s thumb gently prys away the silicone ring from the shaft of my penis enough to  let my right-hand’s thumb and forefinger have a secure hold of the silicone ring on the underside of my penis — where the frenulum is located. Since my right thumb and forefinger are holding the InnerWear’s silicone ring, my left-hand’s thumb and middle-finger pinch the skin of my penis located on the underside of my shaft and pull the extra skin downward toward my scrotum so my foreskin suddenly slides from outside the silicone ring to being neatly hidden inside the InnerWear woven fabric sheath. Finally the silicone ring is seated exactly beside the coronal edge of my penis’ head.

Readjusting the cock-ring to be as far back and beneath my scrotum and as snug against the pubic bone is the next move before stretching one or more of the rubber bands to reside just behind the silicone ring. On occasions I add, as a layer, the next larger diameter rubber band by Stealth For Men. This increases the squeeze of my penis shaft and prevents the glans from slipping inside the InnerWear when I am running, cycling or teaching my courses at the college. Sometimes this is too tight and I cannot pee.

Adding the black Lycra… then the sand-colored Lycra often enhances the constriction just right… and sometimes these are too much. If at work, I’ll occasionally visit the restroom to check for great blood flow and to make adjustments to the layers of snugness.

Some of you may notice sensitivity to the fabric of our underwear as it is constantly sweeping across my penis head — usually covered by foreskin. When our foreskins are retracted and seated securely outside the InnerWear silicone ring my penis head is getting much more friction than it is accustomed to experiencing. The pouch of the boxer-briefs I wear are especially kind to my penis in this “training mode.” If your underwear is irritating your penis head, you might consider using underwear designed by UnicoMundo, Jor, Clever, Obviously, and Xtremen. All these brands have some designs with contoured pouches that do not have a thick sewing seam running from the pubic mound to behind the scrotum. The seam threads can just be too irritating to our most sensitive skin.
Wishing you well.
Geesh this Stealth for Men creates some very pleasant feelings.


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