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Purple is not good as a indicator of our penis’-health.
Stealth Man- Keymaster and the Customer Service Team sure did help me get re-measured and a better fit. They will assist you in getting the Inner-Wear that best fits you.
The Stealth For Men team suggested mixing up the use of the Lycra sheaths and layering them to arrive at the right constriction where blood flow and peeing are comfortable.

I also experimented with folding the thin sleeves and the Premium Sleeves upon themselves to sometimes form an additional “ring” that combines for the perfect snuggness around my shaft and to prevent any retraction of the glans into the InnerWear sheath. I also noticed too tight an constriction a few times and simply had to remove everything and adjust the whole system after work when more time at home allowed for the careful attention.

The Premium Sleeves are worth the cost and add another option for creating the best fit.

Perhaps you have noticed that the perfect fit does not always occur by using the same arrangement of InnerWear, Bands, and Premium Sleeves and Thin sleeves.

I try my best to work in harmony with the rubber bands and sleeves to keep the penis head (glans) outside the silicone ring of the InnerWear.

… and have lots of sensual fun while creating new sensations.

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