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So last Friday I went out to dinner with the wife to a casual Mexican restaurant in N. San Diego county.  I had my stealth inner wear on and wore tan shorts with a collared shirt that hung to my hip are and dockers(shoes), I thought nothing of it. When I walked in to put my name on the list, I scanned the room just to see how busy it was,  I think I was there 3 mins and I made eye contact with a female that smiled at me then her eyes strolled down to my crotch area and then back up to my eyes and the smile turned into a naughty, mischievous smile, more like “hey I see what you got there and I like it” kind of smile. I looked down and then I realized that she could see the outlined shape of my cock through my pants. Now I don’t have a big guy like some of you but I smiled back and felt a little more confident, I was slightly embarrassed and aroused at the same time. I lol about it now and I’m going to wear slacks and light colored pants/shorts more often.

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