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Christian Taylor

Sounds like a lack of blood flow.

I’m not familiar with phallus an.  Can you tell me about it. Along with a full PE workout, the guys at Penis Professor only recommend up to 50 or so jelques ever other day (as part of your every other day routine).

As far as wearing the corkscrew all day, I personally don’t wear it that long. I’m sure it’s ok, just not my preference.

The discolouration and shrinkage sounds like you are putting Mr. BIG through way too much. Remember  your donzilla is an organ composed of soft tissue, blood vessels, ligaments and nerve ending. PE has worked for me, but I’m careful to take care of my penis and sack.


With 200 jelques, did you start at a lower number? I’ve been jelqing for over a year.

To make a short story long, maybe give yourself  a little break and  recovery time, just like any other workout.

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