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Christian Taylor

Hey there Stealthman.  Great story! I work and live in Cambodia along with my family so I understand about the ‘damn westerners ‘ stare. Locker rooms can be awkward!

Ok. I’ll share a story. We are missionaries  (obviously not the uptight prudish types or sexually repressed) and as part of our work we go back the the states every few years to raise awareness and support.

So about a week after I get my first stealth I’m speaking at a college group. I’m not used to the stealth yet and had not really paid attention to the bulge. I had been doing penis exercises for about 9 months and had killer gains.

So i was wearing cream colored Italian silk and cashmere pants that I had custom made (custom made us the only option in Asia when you are 6’1″ tall) and they were slim/skinny cut. And I was wearing my stealth for one of the first times…

I’m used to making eye contact with people as I speak but everyone is having a hard time looking at my eyes. Even the guys were looking at my crotch and making the DAMN face. (Guys, let’s be real here and admit we all glance at each other to see how we measure up). I was thinking I was being really boring or something . I get home and ask my wife if u really flopped or something. She was like ‘no, why?’ After telling her she said,” look at your cock! No one is going to look at your eyes!” So, now I’m excited to be planning to order my third (but first I’m growing another half inch to an inch.)

Ok, have fun, share a story to make us all laugh.

I have a few more for later, and some are rather embarrassing.  Because we all love self-deprecation from time to time.

Happy Stealthing and swing that bat with pride!


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