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Stealth Man

When I first starting coming to China 6-7 years ago I often went for a foot soak/massage and shoulder rub from an attractive woman in her shop.

At the time, I rather enjoyed to get others attention as a form of “research” into the psychology behind Stealth… my own and theirs 🙂

Laying back on the recliner while having your feet and the legs massaged was great. Of course it was pleasure to notice her eyes attracted to the sizeable bulge as well. On one occasion I had both her and her young good looking apprentice, one on each thigh while very nearly and occasionally making slight contact with the goods…. ahh yes!

I also vividly remember a Chinese guy walking past and as he was leaving could not help but stare at the massive bulge… with a scowl he wasn’t even trying to hide.

… damned westerners.

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