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Stealth Man

The Extension Sleeve will be made available as a direct purchase on the site itself. We will also be making the new TPE rubber sleeve available in specific girths which are then cut to size lengthwise as the user requires.

We are very happy with the fabric sheath, spandex and the TPE sleeve over top. Of course the sleeve can also be used with the with ball band version as well.

Next in line is the Vac Hanger which looks to be still another 4-5 months away. Everything is coming together very nicely but still requires time to move thru all the refinements necessary to make a complete kit that will out perform everything else on the market.

The Pump is on the back burner for now as we focus on getting the above mentioned products completed. Realistically the pump would be launched sometime late next year.

Only users that have purchased Stealth products can participate in the forums.

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